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Mike “Merlin” Means is an amazing, caring and prophetic individual. 110% is
not enough for Mike, he tries to give 120%. I have had the pleasure working
with him as a Web Master, Web Designer, Web Consultant, Host Provider,
Lighting Designer, Set Construction, and even Arborist. He has become a
special friend in my life.

-Michael Candela, Peoria AZ

Mike (Merlin) Means is a fantastic web designer.  He has created two different websites for me, and each one had a totally different, yet superior flair.  His knowledge in web creation grows daily, and he is learning new techniques to make my sites truly outstanding!  I recommend Mike highly, and will use his talents over and over again.

Paul Bohde (Private Website)

Finding someone whom you can trust to tell you the truth and be honest with you is so important … and this is something which you may count on with Mike.

Ace Lundon Lundon Calling

Mike has been my webmaster from the begining. He always manages to come up with new and interesting designs for our projects. I would reccomend him without question.

John  Ullom Star Fire Promotions

Mike Means has been my webmaster for the past year.  I have found him to be very good at design.  While I gave him general ideas of what I wanted, he took those and made a fabulous website.    Mike’s pricing schedule is competitive.  He is always willing to make changes when needed.    I guess the best reference is from my customers, who always ask “Who designed your website?  It’s terrific!”

Molly Barnett

“We like Mike! He gets a big “two-thumbs-up” from Unity of Mohave Valley! Mike has the technological and creative brilliance it takes to develop great websites and he’s also a super guy to work with. Mike’s bottom line is great customer service. He’s fair and honest—we trust him! Working with Mike is like doing business with your best friend.”

Natalie Lehman and Barry Terwilliger,

Ministerial Team for The Unity Center (Unity Church of Mohave Valley)

To those searching for a web designer or a host  you might want to know a few things about Mike Means…first and foremost…Mike is a thorough and complete designer..he takes the time to find out what you are looking for in your design and does his best to provide it for you, then he takes the effort to work with you to teach you how to run it…you will be pleased to know this about Mike….when he was hacked by some unknown troublemaker he worked three days relentlessly searching out the damage done and repairing all the sites that were affected….way beyond what other hosts would have done for their clients…I would highly reccomend his work to all comers.

B . Shearer ( GemsintheMyst.Com )

I’ve worked with Eclectic Resources on many projects including the website and have always had great results.  Mike is on time and under budget with quality results.  I’d recommend Eclectic Resources to anyone looking for quality web design and fast results.

P. Fix ( BrotherDave.Org)